RNS 2896X: Interim results for the Period to 30 December 2020

In a news release dated 30/4/21, the Company released an RNS news item on the London Stock Exchange containing the Interim Financial Statements from the date of Incorporation (8 Jan 2020) to Dec 31 2020 – this fulfils the FCA requirements for a publically listed company to release 6 month Interim statements. It covers the period which includes its IPO, subscription of shares and listing on the LSE (we can note that all subscription monies were received and held in escrow by its Share Registrars – this money (minus listing fees of < 1 pct ) was distributed to Wildcat in the first half of January 2021 i.e post the 31/12/20 reporting date  – and hence is shown in the Interim accounts as a Receivable rather than ‘cash in hand’).

A copy of this statement (RNS 2896X) can be viewed/downloaded here:
Wildcat 30-04-21 Interim Results for the period to 31 December 2020 (RNS 2896X)

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